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Technology-leading automated no-hole fastening and mechanical joining systems including stud welding, self-piercing riveting and glued fastening.

Tucker® Innovation Story

Current door panel fixations are typically realized by hole solutions containing all long known problems such as water tightness, corrosion issues, non-flexibility in design changes and clip life time. The new approach is the adaptation of the existing Tucker NoHole Fastening solution towards the doors.

Tucker® Stud Weld and Plastic Clip Solutions
  • Customized weld stud
  • A highly Engineered plastic clip
  • Weld system with single-sided access and highest quality weld results
  • Tucker service on site, equipment training and genuine Tucker spare parts for highest availability

This door panel assembly solution allows easy and multiple assembly and disassembly. A major premium OEM converted all the doors of his car fleet towards this Tucker No-Hole Solution.

Only STANLEY Engineered Fastening can offer you this unique approach all out of one hand. One partner liable for the complete fastening solution.






Tucker® SPR

Featuring higher dynamic stability than resistance spot welding and fully automated feed riveting without pre-punching, STANLEY Engineered Fastening will develop the right type SPR system for you.

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