Precision CNC

Critical Application Fasteners

Cold-formed, hot-forged, precision CNC, and other custom-machined fasteners for critical applications in multiple industries.

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Heli-Coil® Self-tapping Inserts


Our inserts provide legendary performance through groundbreaking innovative designs.

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Avdel Monobolt


Our proprietary two-piece lockbolt systems are structural vibration-resistant fasteners with high clamp-load performance and multi-grip capabilities.

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U-Base Metal Clips

Metal Clips

Ergonomic, economic, and efficient, our diverse metal clip portfolio can improve your assembly time and yield cost reductions.

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Gripco® Countersunk Weld Nuts

Nuts & Nut Assemblies

Find torque nuts to weld nuts to clinch nuts that meet a variety of performance specifications for a wide range of industries. 

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tucker locator pin studs


Our pin capability ranges from cold-form to CNC and auto-lathe for special configurations.

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push buttons

Plastic Components

Durable, high-strength plastic fasteners for use in industrial manufacturing and automotive industries. 

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pop well nut group

Rivet Nuts

Available in round, hex, and square body styles, our rivet nuts feature a variety of options and locking features.

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POP® High Retention Rivets


Our blind fasteners and breakstem systems build more structurally sound products.


wedgelock anti-vibration locking screw

Screws & Bolts

Our broad range of screws and bolts are designed and manufactured to deliver optimum performance, quality, and assembly costs.

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Avdel® Avseal® Blind Sealing Plugs

Sealing Fasteners

Solve a tricky problem like maintaining a liquid-tight seal in high and low-pressure applications with sealing fasteners.

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Tucker® Self-piercing Rivets

Self-Piercing Rivets

​Join two or more layers of material without the need for a predrilled hole with a self-piercing rivet.

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Spiralock® Self-Clinching Standoffs for PC Boards

Standoffs, Spacers, & Washers

Offered in a range of materials to protect against chaffing, shear loads, and galvanic corrosion.

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Stud fastening options to meet the most demanding application requirements, designed to be installed with equipment to optimize manufacturing efficiency.

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The availability of the products described on this site, and the product descriptions, may vary from country to country. Consult your STANLEY® Engineered Fastening Account Executive or your local distributor for specific product information.