The Nelson® N900b Flexible Arc Control System (FACS) offers a patented, battery powered design capable of delivering hundreds of welds from a single charge. The N900b FACS has the capacity to weld about 1,200 ¼” diameter studs, 400 3/8” diameter studs, or over 200 1/2” diameter studs. Utilizing a standard 120V household wall outlet, the N900b FACS environmentally friendly battery will be fully charged within just 2-3 hours. The new FACS-equipped N900b features a bright 7” LCD touch screen display, providing a new level of user communication. Achieve unparalleled flexibility and weld nearly anywhere with the cordless N900b FACS. AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL ONLY.

N900b Flexible Arc Control System Specifications:

  • 120V input voltage
  • 7A input current
  • 60 Hz input line frequency
  • Welds 4-1/2” pitch studs per minute
  • Welds 11-3/8” studs per minute
  • 65 lbs. (36kg)
  • Standard 120VAC, 3-prong, grounded input power connection
  • 3-hour maximum battery charge time
  • FACS touch screen display
  • This equipment will be available in Europe in 2023

Note: Not available in Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia


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