Today's vehicles incorporate a huge collection of wires, hoses, and tubing that must be efficiently routed. Secure attachments must be made in a variety of locations and under a wide range of operating environments. Our solution is a broad range of engineered tie straps to enable reliable routing and fastening of complete wire harnesses.

Warren electrical straps can attach to a hole, attach to a stud, or be used to secure a wire bundle together. Warren solutions include Tie Straps, Wire Bundle Clips, Tape-On, and Adjustable Tape-On.

Our product ensures positive closure and clamping retention with an integral ratchet feature.  It also manages large variations in bundle sizes, making it possible to commonize straps across multiple applications.

Fast Facts:

  • Popular in automotive applications.
  • Can manage large variations in bundle sizes so straps can be commonized across applications.
  • Serviceable through a quick-release flex finger on the ratchet.

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