High-capacity Pneumatic Control (PC) blind rivet nut tool. The POPNut® Pneumatic Control function selects the appropriate stroke required, allowing the operator to set the same insert in a range of application thicknesses without pausing to adjust stroke manually.


  • Designed to place blind rivet nuts from M6 up to M12
  • Tool uses pull-to-force technology
  • Automatic stroke adjustment suits various thicknesses within a grip range
  • Consistent setting achieved in varying application conditions
  • Fast cycle time with single trigger action for setting and spin-off
  • Quick-change mandrel and nosepiece design
  • Eliminates potential application and nut damage due to double stroking
  • Lightweight, compact structure for operator comfort


  • Weight: 2.77 kg
  • Height: 295 mm
  • Stroke: 1.3 to 10.5 mm
  • Pull force @ 5bar: 24.3 kN
  • Air supply pressure: 4.9 – 5.9 bar

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