SB25PT-05 Battery Powered Speed Fastening Tool Significantly improves productivity on your critical General Industrial and Transportation assembly applications, with our new, ergonomic, cordless battery powered tool. Part of the Speed Fastening system.

Benefits of using the SB25PT-05 tool and Speed Fastening system:
Enhances operator mobility, enabling them to move easily around applications without the constraints and hazards of a compressed air line.
- Improves accessibility to narrower spaces due to the longer barrel design.
- Maximizes output and reduces operator fatigue thanks to it´s balanced, ergonomic design.
- Prevents unscheduled downtime, combining the benefits of longlasting DEWALT lithium ion battery with industry leading charging time. Tool-less, quick change, nose jaw and tail jaw systems further
enhances productivity.
- The tools deliver permanent and vibration-resistant assembly when used in conjunction with Avdel® Speed Fasteners.
- Simplified inventory management, service and support as a result of the single source tool and fastener system offering.


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