AA Series pneumatic nutrunners from STANLEY® Assembly Technologies offer productive and ergonomic tightening solutions with the operator in mind. They offer an industry-leading range of clutch shut-off tools providing tool choices that improve assembly quality, productivity, and ergonomics to enhance assembly processes. The adjustable clutch on the AA series nutrunners provides a high level of torque control for most general use applications.

The tool’s output torque is controlled by adjusting a mechanical spring that provides axial force on steel balls rolling between indented plates. By providing smooth disengagement at a preset torque while minimizing vibration to the operator, these tools are a great choice for fastening applications requiring torque values from 4.5 to 118 Nm. The same trusted quality outputs as the STANLEY® QPM DC tools are used on these AA clutch tools, reducing costly complexity and end user spare parts needs.

Gearless reverse selection method also reduces parts and complexity for improved Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). AA clutch tools have a free-speed air-consumption rate of 14.2 liters/second (30 cfm) at 90 PSI (6 Bar).

Fast Facts:

  • Meet or beat industry standards in productivity
  • Meet or beat industry standards in operator safety
  • Meet or beat industry standards in tool accuracy
  • Provide lowest total cost of ownership
  • Gives users a choice! 

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