STANLEY® Engineered Fastening, a division of Stanley Black & Decker, is a global leader in precision fastening and assembly solutions. We recently announced the launch of a new corporate brand structure, including a go-to-market portfolio of seven global strategic brands under the STANLEY® Engineered Fastening banner.

We completed comprehensive global brand research with major OEM and distribution partners in June of 2018. The research determined that our complex brand structure did not help our customers navigate the vast range of premium fastening and assembly solutions that we provide or illustrate the global reputation for quality and innovation that we have built over the years. A restructure of our brand portfolio was identified as the best approach to deliver more value to our customers and a better understanding of our organization to all external partners.


“For 100 years, we’ve built a strong reputation for precision, partnership, and trust,” said Ben Richardson, Global Director of Marketing and Brand. “Our OEM and distribution partners have been facing a remarkable rise in complexity in recent years, and our streamlined new brand structure will provide better customer value at a time when we need to execute customer-centric marketing strategies across multiple channels with real-time technologies, across the globe, with a coordinated approach to strategy and creative.”

Our streamlined new brand structure will provide better customer value, across multiple channels with real-time technologies, across the globe.—Ben RichardsonGlobal Director, Marketing and Brand
Including a new purpose statement — “Empowering engineers to create our future” — the rebranding is part of a strategy to evolve our business and create a foundation for new opportunities. Our industry-leading brands — Avdel® structural blind fasteners, Integra® plastic components, Nelson® stud welding solutions, Optia® threaded fasteners, POP® non-structural blind fasteners, STANLEY® Assembly Technologies, and Tucker® automated fastening systems — elevate what our customers create. In all, the branding embodies an organization that is reinventing itself but is still very committed to delivering outstanding value to the end-customer by offering fasteners, tools, and installation equipment that demonstrates the lowest total cost of ownership. STANLEY Engineered Fastening family of brands

“This simplified brand strategy will provide a streamlined message to our customers,” said Curran Ethridge, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience. “While our commitment to our customers will not change, there is incredible potential to grow. Our new branding positions us for those opportunities and provides a harmonized portfolio of fastening and assembly solutions that will serve our customers’ highly-specified needs.”

Two New Brands Emerge, Yet Familiar Products Remain

Two of our strategic brands, Optia and Integra, are new, yet the expertise and quality behind them is not. Optia, our engineered threaded fastener line, includes well-known product families such as Heli-Coil®, Spiralock®, Specialty Bar, Dodge®, Gripco®, Automated SMP, and others. The Integra line was created to support the sustainable development of electric vehicles; the highly engineered product range includes lightweight parts and employs production strategies with the lowest possible material requirement.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening rebranded products
You'll start seeing our new brand everywhere — on the web, on the product, and on the sales or trade show floor.

The rebranding includes a visual refresh of the company’s website, packaging, signage, and collateral, and is anchored by the application of “The Connector”: two parallelograms that come together precisely to create an instantly recognizable mark. The shape is a distinctive graphic device derived from our core competency of precision assembly engineering. The new brand assets also include new logos for each of the five legacy and two new strategic brands in a vibrant color palette that serve to set each brand apart, while still complementing the whole set, and a comprehensive global brand standards guide.