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Whether designed for armored fighting vehicles (AFVs), weapons, or a long list of military applications, STANLEY® Engineered Fastening provides the highest-quality engineered threaded fastening solutions to the military and defense industries. Products range from fasteners featuring anti-vibration technologies to thread-cutting or thread-forming tools to assembly solutions.

To survive the vibration and high temperatures of launch, we require the most reliable locking engagement thread. Screws must remain tight without opportunity for retightening. With conventional threading, however, screws loosened up and backed out under testing. The Spiralock thread form retained a tight seal at 300° C. Once torqued down properly, the screws stayed put in the threads, which helped us meet our flight schedule.

Dan Harpold, Scientist NASA

A fastener may seem like a small thing but can make the difference between aircraft power being online or off. Prevailing torque nuts can gall or freeze on threaded bolts during installation, leading to intermittent power availability if the nuts' rundown torque exceeds the final torque limit before clamping. Spiralock nuts not only meet the required clamping force when exposed to 50 Gs of vibration and 200 Gs of shock load, but also maintain this performance for thousands of hours of operational use.

Darin Morman, Manager of Generator Engineering Hamilton Sundstrand

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