Allows for variation management in critical joints. This is achieved with a heat-treated floating nut inside a weldable cage.

Our cage nut design allows for welding of the fastener into the desired location, allowing movement in all axis. "Lift Tabs" are located on the bottom of the cage to reduce secondary coating operations from adhering.

Gripco® cage assembly products come in two versions. One is open on the top, allowing for replacement of the fastener. The other is encapsulated after being welded (inverted), allowing for the reuse of the fastener after disassembly.

Fast Facts:

  • Allows for variation management in a multitude of applications.
  • Heat-treated floating nut inside a weldable cage.
  • Automotive industry applications include body-to-frame, engine cradle, suspension, and body components.


  • Available in Class 9 and Class 10.
  • Footprint designed to meet application.
  • Provides up to 4.5 mm of float.
  • Sizes from M8 thru M16.
  • Prevailing Torque feature is available.

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