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Tucker Stud Welding Technology

The new generation of Tucker stud welding equipment allows for easy, robust and energy efficient no-hole fastening on a unified platform.

Tucker stud welding tools with linear motor technology are characterized by their positioning accuracy. Their high operational reliability and compact design have proved an excellent advantage for the production of large and small applications.


The new Unified Platform Architecture allows for your entire Tucker network to be connected on a single platform.

With remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and even more power and capability, the new Tucker stud welding equipment advances your smart factory solutions in the era of Industry 4.0.





Tucker stud welding systems are comprised of three main components:


The brain and heart of your SWS system.

The brain and heart of your SWS system. Welding energy and stud movement controlled in real time – use the HMI to make all your settings incl. pairing of components, weld programs, process monitoring, etc.

• New Model: TX –UPA-powered, next level data analysis and digital features. Web based HMI and scalable options by content license.

• TE Models – proven track records in the industry for all weldable Tucker fasteners




The lungs of your SWS system.

Feed units for low-impact separation and a safe feed.

• Completely monitored and event-driven feeding process.

• Stud dependent selection of feeder type – Bowl feeder TF12, step feeder TF21 and others.


The right arm of your SWS system.

Welding tools for automized applications.

Available for steel and gas-supported welding like Aluminum.

• TH51x – High output & availability weld head

• TH71x – Small front end for hard-to-reach spots e.g drive train tunnel. Successor of LM90

• TR610 – Weld versatile. Process different studs with one weld head. Recommended for special studs & applications,Multiple other weld heads available to suit your application.


The left arm of your SWS system.

Hand guns for semi-automatic and manual applications.

Available for steel and gas-supported welding like Aluminum.

All guns use a linear motor for the weld process

• PLM560 –manual feed

• PLM200 –manual or semi automatic feed when paired with a Tucker feeder


Accessories for your system – dress up and improve.

Various options to improve the weld process and shop layout:

• CleanJet TH539 – Surface cleaning for perfect aluminum stud welding

• TSD – Stud Divider, use multiple feeders with one weld unit

• TPS – Pre-Separation, pre-load the stud for improved timing

• TCS – Cleaning Station, automated cleaning of gas mouthpieces

• Dresspacks & cable guiding

• And many more options e.g.: Balancers, Earth connectors, Testing tools, Stud Color coding, Dirt covers, Racks

cleanjet - Th539

Perfect match for Aluminum welding

Automated surface spot cleaning directly prior to the welding process:

  • Integrated plasma torch
  • Dry lube and oil is burned, vaporized and blown aside
  • No smolder, smoke or ozone
  • Passivation stays unaffected
  • Increased joint strength
  • Process stability
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