Use of aluminum brings many benefits to automotive manufacturing, but it also brings great challenges when it comes to stud welding 

As aluminum sheets are treated with lube and processed in the press shop, surface inconsistencies appear, which creates an unstable condition for aluminum welding. 

Fast Facts:

  • Integrated plasma-torch
  • Gas Weld Head based on TH519
  • Automated surface spot cleaning
  • Cleaning duration ~2s
  • No smoke, no smoulder


  • Improved weld results
  • Enhanced sustainability

How It Works

Tucker CleanJet is based on a Tucker gas weld head with an additional plasma torch. In the welding position, the Tucker CleanJet torch ejects to prepare for plasma cleaning. After a ~2-second max cleaning period, the surface is now prepped and ready for welding.

Once clean, the torch automatically retracts while the head moves to the front position to complete a perfectly welded stud.

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