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Emhart® Teknologies Introduces SmartSet™ Rivet Monitoring System




September 27, 2005


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Emhart ® Teknologies Introduces SmartSet™ Rivet Monitoring System At Assembly Technology Expo 2005

SmartSet™ System Extends Applications for Blind Rivet Fastening Solutions


CHICAGO – Assembly Technology Expo – Booth #742 - September 27, 2005 – Emhart® Teknologies is introducing the SmartSet™ rivet monitoring system at the 2005 Assembly Technology Expo at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois this week. The SmartSet™ system removes the guesswork and risk associated with blind riveting by providing instant installation feedback that does not rely on operator skill or attention, says Peter C. Thomas, Product Manager, Assembly Systems, Emhart®Teknologies.

It also enables immediate process monitoring with the use of conventional POP ®pull stem blind rivets in critical fastener-specific applications, Thomas says. Emhart will demonstrate the new product at its booth, #742, September 27-29.

The SmartSet™ technology integrates into the assembly process to capture specific rivet failure modes, to ensure use of the correct rivet during the setting process, to confirm that each hole has a fastener installed, and to monitor the correct setting sequence for a range of rivets in the same application.

The SmartSet™ system uses a micro-strain sensor that takes readings during the rivet setting cycle to record variables such as riveting failures and the use of incorrect rivet types within the application. In RUN mode, the system monitors each sequential rivet set and compares results - 2 - with learned values to determine a GO or NO GO result. Outputs from the Control Unit can be connected to an audible or visual alarm to alert the user to NO GO results as determined by the learned values.

Process Monitoring for Rivets 

The SmartSet™ is a real time technology solution that determines process variation based on pre-defined control limits. The process variation is established from initial learned values. A micro-strain sensor on the rivet tool takes readings during the rivet setting cycle and sends input data to the control unit. Historical information can be downloaded and tracked via a PC-based system. Application capabilities include: 

  • Capturing riveting failure due to a broad spectrum of installation variables 
  • Detecting rivet set in air; i.e., not in application 
  • Sensing incorrect rivet types. 

The SmartSet™ monitor learns up to five unique rivet signatures. For example, each signature can either be a different application thickness or even another rivet. These five signatures can be programmed into three different riveting sequences. Each sequence has the capability of setting up to a maximum of 100 rivet sets. Overall tool and system standard features include: 

  • Quick release nose-housing and jaw case, which requires no tools for routine maintenance 
  • 3-piece jaw assembly 
  • Automatic air time-out on mandrel collection system 
  • System is capable of setting the upper and lower limits independently 
  • Process monitoring capability 
  • Download GO-NO GO information to a PC 
  • Historical information— via optional software 
  • No need to re-learn values after routine preventative tool maintenance 
  • Pulling force—1,900 lbs @ 85 psi 
  • Weight—3.70 lbs 

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