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Engineered Assembly Systems Solutions

Time and quality is money. With the STANLEY Assembly Technologies line of engineered assembly systems products, you can both increase productivity and improve quality.

Speed the assembly of two or more bolts or nuts in one process. The operator positions the multiple in an assembly station with the aid of either a torque absorption device or balancer and completes all the fasteners at one time. Units can have movable bolt centers to change easily between different product types. WIth the flexibility of the QPM tool and the Alpha controller, multiple fasteners sizes and torque levels can be achieved. Challenge us today with your multi-torque applications.

Single and multi-spindle systems include the complete line of Stanley pneumatic and DC electric assembly tools. Available features include spindle synchronization, cycle complete operation, absorption of reaction torque and operator feedback with error-proofing options.

A complete line of torque tubes and articulating arm systems can balance loads to 500 pounds and maintain torque reaction to 5,000 Nm. Custom solutions are matched to unique assembly needs using extensive engineering experience, a complete line of assembly spindles, process controllers and tightening strategies. Some examples are flywheel indexing, wheel bearing end play, articulated jibs, shear bolt assembly and high torque crowfoot tools. Stanley also builds full and semi-automated systems, as well as offline subassembly stations. Engineered Systems capabilities include custom design and build services, joint analysis, total project management, installation, start-up services and technical support. Our engineers are experts in evaluating your needs and converting them into solutions that improve the productivity, ergonomics and quality of your manufacturing operations. Armed with the skills to anticipate and prevent potential problems, Stanley designs systems on which you can rely to deliver the performance and reliability you demand.

World-Class Technical Support

As a supplier to the assembly market, Stanley has developed a global sales and service network to support the manufacturing operations of our customers. Stanley offers many levels of customer support, from basic maintenance and operator training to full service repair facilities and maintenance service contracts.

Here is a classic example of Engineered Systems Solutions:

A custom 5 Spindle wheel nut system was designed with infinite bolt circle diameter settings between 10-1/2” - 14”. An incorporated servo drive seamlessly adjusts the spindle mounting plates for up to 8 preset positions. The on board junction box allows for quick adjustments and job selections.

5 Spindle Engineered System  Application 5 Spindle Engineered System