The high-performance STANLEY Smart Rivet Tools from STANLEY® Assembly Technologies, the global leader in precision fastening, allows manufacturers to reduce scrap, optimize the assembly area, and provide real-time process data to the existing plant manufacturing execution system by recording the stem break load and rivet pull distance.

PB2500 Smart Rivet Tool

PB2500 Smart builds on the well proven capabilities, quality, and robustness of the original PB2500 tool, to deliver a class leading cordless blind rivet installation and process monitoring system.

Maximizes productivity: Installs 1,100 Steel 4.8mm (3/16”) Open End fasteners with a single charge, using a 2.0Ah battery. On-board process monitoring ensures that incorrectly fastened joints are detected immediately, preventing entire batches being affected.

Easy to use: Quick release nose housing and jaw guide, quick slide battery installation, LED light to ensure clear line of sight to the application, ergonomic soft grip handle for operator comfort. The built-in touch screen allows the process monitoring system to be easily set up and used.

Fast Facts:

  • Enhances operator mobility, enabling them to move easily around applications without the constraints and hazards of a compressed air line. Maximizes output and reduces operator fatigue thanks to it’s balanced, ergonomic design.
  • On-board process monitoring system includes OK / Not OK notification for each rivet installation, together with review of the related placing curves. 500,000 setting results storage capacity.
  • Prevents unscheduled downtime, combining the benefits of long-lasting DEWALT lithium ion battery with industry leading charging time. Tool-less, quick change, nose housing and jaw guide systems further enhances productivity.
  • The tool delivers permanent and vibration-resistant assembly when used in conjunction with Stanley Engineering Fastening breakstem rivets.
  • The tool is Wi-Fi & Bluetooth enabled, in readiness for the mobile app being launched in 2021.



BR12PP-8 Smart Rivet System

The BR12PP-8 Smart Rivet Tool with the QBE-Series Controller provide an advanced level of capabilities for rivet setting.  The BR12PP-8 is a programmable, full error-proofing and process monitoring cordless blind rivet setting system 8kN covering rivet sizes: 1/8”(3.2mm), 3/16”(4.8mm).

Quality and Error Proofing:  The BR12PP-8 delivers advanced error proofing capabilities such as Rivet Count, Job Select, and Connection to customer error proofing systems.

Process Traceability:  The BR12PP-8 offers onboard storage of 500 rivet pull results, 2 rivet pull traces stored locally, which provide force, distance, speed, current, and bus voltage recorded every 1ms during the rivet pull.  All the recorded force data is easily exported.  It is then possible to integrate with manufacturing execution systems where every rivet and vehicle can be linked together for future reference if needed

Increased Productivity:  The BR12PP-8 tool can be configured with an optional barcode and can allow the change between 16 different jobs, another great location for this tool is where multiple rivets or application thicknesses are present

Flexibility: The BR12PP-8 tool is a programmable smart tool that can contain up to 16 different rivet jobs allowing the customer to use 1 tool for many rivet applications.

Operator Feedback: The BR12PP-8 tool alerts the operator visually and audibly of the rivet status, and can also send output signals to the plant network

Fast Facts:

  • The BR12PP-8 tool is capable of running rivets from 1/8” to 3/16”, that is 3.2mm to 4.8mm.
  • To run different size rivets, the nose piece, jaws, and jaw pusher must be changed out. These parts are shared with the PB2500.
  • There is a pressure activated interlock on the nose of the tool, which can be software toggled on or off, to ensure correct placement of the rivet
  • The mandrel collection cup must be installed or the tool will not run for safety purposes
  • The same browser based Stanley Alpha Toolbox software is used to program the BR12PP-8 Rivet tool and the EB-Series Corded and B-Series Cordless Torque tools using any smart device (computer, cell phone, tablet, or controller screen)
  • There is an optional vacuum mandrel collection adapter for the tool.
  • The BR12PP-8 stores 500 rivet pull results, and 2 rivet traces.
  • The BR12PP-8 can wirelessly pair to a QBE-Series controller or to a customer supplied access points using WIFI
  • There is an optional barcode scanner that can be ordered, which allows you to link rivet results to serial numbers or change jobs.

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