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Tools Data Manager (TDM) Software

STANLEY introduces the most comprehensive, powerful solution in the market today to deliver unprecedented actionable information and value. Tools Data Manager (TDM) is an advanced manufacturing data collection and analytical solution with extensive functionality for capture, analysis, alerting and historical archiving of manufacturing data. TDM will monitor and alert you to things you didn’t know were possible. TDM puts detailed, critical Process, Quality and Test data at your fingertips, in real time.

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Tools Data Manager is a Comprehensive Manufacturing Data Management and Analysis Solution.

Tools Data Manager is designed to simplify the challenges of connecting, extracting, associating, archiving, analyzing, and mobilizing data generated by plant-floor devices. DC electric tool assembly, process and material handling PLCs, injection molding, painting/ curing, quality and testing such as Labview, and more are the types of systems from which Tools Data Manager aggregates manufacturing data into a single, central database. Tools Data Manager offers total control and collaboration of all the data which represents the manufacturing DNA of an operating plant. 

  • Torque Performance Module (TPM)
  • Process Performance Module (PPM)
  • Torque Audit Trail (TAT)
  • Automated Behavior Mapping (ABM)
  • Fastener Integrity Module (FIM)

Home Screen - Dashboard of Tools Data Manager showing Plant Level - status of device connection and installed Module (TPM, FIM, ABM, TAT, PPM) operation:


Dashboard - Torque Performance Module (TPM):


Torque Tab: Summary of all configured Torque devices in the plant and status of connection and Tools assigned to which modules.

Features That Deliver Real Value

Tools Data Manager’s advanced data management, search, viewing and graphing features support efforts to leverage:

  1. Record Keeping
  2. Liability Mitigation
  3. Product Quality
  4. Error Proofing (Poke-Yoke)
  5. Traceability (Data Quality)
  6. Predictive Maintenance
  7. Tool Management
  8. Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)

Tools Data Manager collects information via an Ethernet network for industrial plant equipment such as:

  1. Electric Torque Tools
  2. Fill Stations
  3. Alignment Stations
  4. Operator Processes
  5. Test Stations
  6. Torque Audit Equipment
  7. Plant PLCs

Tools Data Manager can seamlessly integrate into Quality, Broadcast, MES and Database systems to provide:

  1. Equipment Program Selection
  2. Operator Instructions
  3. Data Alignment

Tools Data Manager organizes and presents the data in meaningful ways such as:

  1. Exception Reports
  2. Activity Reports
  3. Data Graphs
  4. Trend Graphs
  5. Dashboard Meter and Gauges