Portariv is our automated assembly solution for self-piercing rivets. Each Portariv system contains three modular assemblies – a head assembly, a feed assembly, and a power pack and control system.

Available as a high-volume or medium-volume system, the high-volume version can be equipped with process monitoring capabilities to record each rivet placement in real time, while the medium-volume system combines performance with a compact design.

Portariv installation systems are adapted to specific production processes – from operator-actuated systems to automated assembly lines. Riveting modules and lower dies of the head assembly can be engineered into different configurations to accommodate difficult accessibility conditions or to assemble large or awkwardly-shaped components.

Cycle times are usually between 2.0 and 5.0 seconds under normal operating conditions, dependent on feed tube length and cylinder stroke. Due to their short cycle times, these systems provide a very efficient working process, reducing assembly times to a minimum. They are especially cost-effective for medium- and large-volume production.

Fast Facts:

  • Short cycle times, usually between 2.0 and 5.0 seconds.
  • Hand-actuated or robot-mounted system available.
  • Flexible integration into existing production lines.
  • Multi-head and other custom modules available.
  • Vibratory bowl feed system and proprietary pneumatic components ensure reliable feeding.
  • Increase of productivity.
  • Ensures a quality joint.
  • Can be equipped with a process monitoring system.

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