The high-performance BR12PP-8 Smart Rivet Tool from STANLEY® Assembly Technologies, the global leader in precision fastening, allows manufacturers to reduce scrap, optimize the assembly area, and provide real-time process data to the existing plant manufacturing execution system by recording the stem break load and rivet pull distance. The revolutionary new tool is based on an industry proven cordless tool platform, with intelligently designed software and the ability to integrate into smart work cells.

Fast Facts about the BR12PP-8 Smart Rivet Tool:
  • Programmable Cordless Blind Rivet Setting Tool Rated to 8kN
  • For rivets 1/8” (3,2mm) – 3/16” (4,8mm) size
  • Blind Rivet Reporting Capabilities: Mandrel Break Load and Distance
  • Optional integrated force switch function to verify proper rivet placement
  • Load / Distance Rate Detection
  • Advanced Error Proofing Capabilities: Rivet Count, Job Select, etc., and the ability to connect to customer error-proofing systems
  • Operator audible and visual feedback and Selectable Push to Start Interlock feature for verification of rivet placement
  • Capable of connecting to vacuum collection system as an option
  • Controller inside the tool
    • Data storage of 500 fastening cycles and two traces
    • 16 jobs / 16 tasks / 4 steps
    • Bar code scanner option
    • IEEE 802.15.4 wireless option

More about the BR12PP-8 Smart Rivet Tool:

This smart rivet tool is designed to detect out of tolerance application material thickness, rivet length, and rivet pull force. If the application falls out of the programmed setup parameters, not only is the data stored in the tool, but the tool can communicate that failure to plants MES system, alert the operator, require an acknowledgment of the failure, disable itself, and many other optional error-proofing parameters. The smart rivet tool can detect errors in the manufacturing environment such as improperly setting the rivet, incorrect rivets being used, wrong rivet location, correct number of rivets installed, correct layers of material, etc.

The smart rivet tool features a digital encoder for distance monitoring and a digital transducer which enable the enhanced error detection. The microprocessor control system in the tool is responsible for storing 16 blind rivet programs, precision force and distance measurements, sensor calibration, error proofing, batch counting, wireless communication, and data logging for offline analysis and corrective actions in your manufacturing processes. The tool's software is extremely user friendly with a setup wizard for easy step-by-step programming. Once the tool is initialized through the setup wizard, a more advanced setup is available, allowing for custom error-proofing setup.

SAT smart rivet tool with labels

The tool was designed with flexibility in mind; set blind rivets from 1/8” to 3/16” and up to an 8kN set force. There is also an optional vacuum system adapter, for those fast-paced production environments, which eliminates the need for operators to empty the mandrel collection cup. Select between multiple battery size options, this allows the choice of either significant battery life with the larger 20V MAX / 5Ah battery or a lighter weight option with the 20V MAX/ 2Ah battery.

The BR12PP-8 can be used as a tool-only system meaning that a separate controller is not required. The onboard tool storage allows traceability of the last 500 rivet pull results. Visual feedback is provided to the operator with the highly visible multi-function panel LED’s. Also choose between the 11 programmable audible tones to distinguish between accepted and failed rivets. The smart rivet tool can be configured with a barcode scanner to change between rivet programs and to link serial numbers to individual rivet results. In addition, the tool has built-in safety features, which require that the front nose piece and mandrel collection cup to be installed before the tool can be operated.

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