Lightweight air-hydaulic in-line rivet tool developed for over-head assembly and designed to be used in an upright, nose-down position.

Incorporating the proven advances found in other members of the 5200 family, our inline riveter accommodates the natural movements associated with vertical riveting operations at assembly benches or work stations, as well as reducing vibration and recoil when rivets are set.

Our 5250 Inline Series offers a range of features that contribute to new standards in operator comfort and ease of movement. Vertical suspension from the integral hanger allows the tool to be easily brought to the job and allows for rotation for horizontal applications. Another benefit of the suspension capability is that the unit can be raised away from the operator when not in use, leaving the work surface clear.

The system is completed by the high-efficiency remote vacuum Mandrel Collector (MCS5000). Making a significant contribution to workspace cleanliness, the standard container holds up to 8500 spent mandrels, which is more than sufficient for a full shift’s operation. Plus, mandrels are ready-segregated for simple, cost-effective scrap reclamation. The vacuum is generated at the collector and if the collection tube becomes disconnected it disables the system. If great capacity is required, the vacuum transducer, shield, and deflector assembly can be fitted to an even larger container.

Fast Facts:

  • For over-head assembly.
  • Focus on operator comfort.
  • Reduces vibration and recoil when rivets are set.
  • Can be suspended with the use of a 5lb tool balancer to simplify the setting operation.


  • Sets Open-/Closed-End Rivets: 3.2-5.0mm (steel)
  • Effective Rivet Setting Strole: 16mm
  • Overall Length with MCS Collector: 397mm (15.6")
  • Weight: 1.8kg (3.97 lbs)

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