Nelson® Weld Studs

Nelson® Weld Studs

We offer a full line of standard in stock fasteners for quick shipment, as well as custom designed fasteners to meet your specific needs.


nelson brand stud welding ferrules

Ferrules, Chucks, Feet & More

To support our complete line of stud welding equipment, we offer a wide variety of stud welding accessories, including ferrules, chucks, ferrule grips, feet, insulation pins and more.


nelson n550c arc charger

Nelson® n500c Arc Charger

Breakthrough charger design provides powerful 550A arc weld from 120V wall outlet.


nelson n1500i stud welding equipment

Nelson® Inverter Stud Welding Equipment

With a high power-to-size ratio, precision control and pulse welding, the N800i & N1500i machines can weld stud diameters up to 1/2" or 3/4".


proweld AG804 stud welding tool

ProWeld Arc Tools

ProWeld's AG line of drawn arc stud welding tools are lightweight, compact and powerful.


nelweld stud welding equipment

Nelweld® Stud Welding Equipment

The Nelweld line of equipment offers more features, and superior performance, than any other system available. Our microprocessor-based systems are proven to be more reliable and repeatable than conventional solid-state systems.

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ncd+ 1600 CD stud welding equipment

Nelson NCD+ Equipment

NCD+ is a dependable, new generation capacitor discharge (CD) stud welding power source built on the foundation of 30,000 Hz switch-mode power conversion topology controlled by high performance 32-bit microprocessor with integrated DSP.

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proweld CD-312 stud welding equipment

ProWeld CD Equipment

State-of-the-art solid state capacitor discharge stud/pin welders, featuring lightweight design for increased portability and power.


slimline CD stud welding gun

ProWeld CD Tools

Tools with focused power and a streamlined design to weld CD studs in tight locations.

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ProWeld Arc Equipment

ProWeld Arc Equipment

Compact, yet powerful, the ProWeld ARC series of stud welding equipment is capable of welding stud 1/4" up to a 1 1/14" diameter with precision and effeciancy.


proweld table welder

ProWeld Table Welder

The ProWeld Table Welder is perfect for welding sheet metal with CD studs or headed anchors.


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