Avdel's 753 tool is a high performance, hydro pneumatic hand tool in heavy duty plastic, designed for rapid, blind side installation of Avdel Speed Fastening® System. The 753 tool is the only one you need to place the whole range of Avdel speed fasteners (*except ø1.6 mm Avlug®). This tool can fit 1500 fasteners per hour with the ability to work in hard to reach areas. The 753 has an extensive range of options to meet your individual needs.

Key features and benefits

  • Average cycle time of less than 2 seconds - increased productivity - up to 1500 fasteners per hour
  • High capacity, magazine fed fasteners - reduced component handling and subsequent spillage
  • Robust & durable construction - suitable for most industrial environments
  • Lightweight construction and low actuation recoil - reduced operator fatigue
  • Available with in-line handle or bottom hose configuration - optimised ergonomic performance for improved productivity
  • Low maintenance hand tool - productive time is maximised - no requirement for specialist maintenance training
  • Long life, self priming intensifier - consistent actuation and hence joint formation
  • Long reach barrel - can be used in many difficult access applications


Short Barrel

  • Tool is only 345mm long - can be used in areas with restricted operator space


  • Tool supported on a balancer - reduced operator fatigue
  • Tool suspended when not in use - tool can quickly and easily be moved, reducing downtime
  • Single handed use - other hand is free to position work piece


  • Weight Pistol only - 1.2 kg
  • Pull Force @ 5.5 bar / 80 lbf/in² - 3.89kN (875 lbf)
  • Stroke - 30mm (1.18in)
  • Cycle Time approximately - 1 second
  • Length - 475mm (18.7in)
  • Overall Width head assembly - 51mm (2in)
  • Air Supply Pressure min - max 5 - 7 bar (70 - 100 lbf/in²)
  • Free Air Volume @ 5.1 bar / 75 lbf/in² - 2.6 litres (0.09ft³)
  • Noise Level dB(A) - 70
  • Intensification Ratio - 32:1

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