Thread Size Chamfer Multi- Purpose T-10 Straight Flute Cold Forming High Performance Gage Set
#0-80 Plug SPL56436A SPL56430A SPL56438A SPL22003A SPL56348
Bottom SPL56422A SPL56432A SPL56439A SPL22000A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56340 / Handle: SPL56341 / HI Ramp: SPL56342
#1-64 Plug SPL56456A SPL56450A SPL56458A SPL22013A SPL56358
Bottom SPL56442A SPL56452A SPL56459A SPL22010A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56350 / Handle: SPL56351 / HI Ramp: SPL56352
#1-72 Plug SPL56476A SPL56470A SPL56478A SPL22018A SPL56368
Bottom SPL56462A SPL56472A SPL56479A SPL22015A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56360 / Handle: SPL56361 / HI Ramp: SPL56362
#2-56 Plug SPL56515A SPL56510A SPL56518A SPL22023A SPL56708
Bottom SPL56507A SPL56512A SPL56519A SPL22020A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56700 / Handle: SPL56701 / HI Ramp: SPL56702
#2-64 Plug SPL56495A SPL56490A SPL56498A SPL22028A SPL56378
Bottom SPL56487A SPL56492A SPL56499A SPL22025A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56370 / Handle: SPL56371 / HI Ramp: SPL56372
#3-48 Plug SPL56535A SPL56530A SPL56538A SPL22033A SPL56718
Bottom SPL56534A SPL56532A SPL56539A SPL22030A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56710 / Handle: SPL56711 / HI Ramp: SPL56712
#3-56 Plug SPL56555A SPL56550A SPL56558A SPL22038A SPL56728
Bottom SPL56554A SPL56552A SPL56559A SPL22035A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56720 / Handle: SPL56721 / HI Ramp: SPL56722
#4-40 Plug SPL56575A SPL56570A SPL56578A SPL22043A SPL56738
Bottom SPL56574A SPL56572A SPL56579A SPL22040A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56730 / Handle: SPL56731 / HI Ramp: SPL56732
#4-48 Plug SPL56595A SPL56590A SPL56598A SPL22048A SPL56748
Bottom SPL56594A SPL56592A SPL56599A SPL22045A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56740 / Handle: SPL56741 / HI Ramp: SPL56742
#5-40 Plug SPL56615A SPL56610A SPL56618A SPL22053A SPL56758
Bottom SPL56614A SPL56612A SPL56619A SPL22050A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56750 / Handle: SPL56751 / HI Ramp: SPL56752
#5-44 Plug SPL56635A SPL56630A SPL56638A SPL22058A SPL56768
Bottom SPL56634A SPL56632A SPL56639A SPL22055A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56760 / Handle: SPL56761 / HI Ramp: SPL56762
#6-32 Plug SPL17035A SPL17030A SPL17043A SPL22063A SPL49508
Bottom SPL17041A SPL17032A SPL17044A SPL22060A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49500 / GO Handle: SPL49501 / HI P.D.: SPL49502 / HI Ramp: SPL49503 / HI Handle: SPL49504
#6-40 Plug SPL56655A SPL56650A SPL56668A SPL22068A SPL56778
Bottom SPL56663A SPL56652A SPL56669A SPL22065A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56770 / Handle: SPL56771 / HI Ramp: SPL56772
#8-32 Plug SPL17075A SPL17070A SPL17083A SPL22073A SPL49518
Bottom SPL17081A SPL17072A SPL17084A SPL22070A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49510 / GO Handle: SPL49511 / HI P.D.: SPL49512 / HI Ramp: SPL49513 / HI Handle: SPL49514
Thread Size Chamfer Multi- Purpose T-10 Straight Flute Cold Forming High Performance Gage Set
#8-36 Plug SPL56685A SPL56680A SPL56698A SPL22078A SPL56788
Bottom SPL56693A SPL56682A SPL56699A SPL22075A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL56780 / Handle: SPL56781 / HI Ramp: SPL56782
#10-24 Plug SPL17115A SPL17110A SPL17123A SPL22083A SPL49528
Bottom SPL17121A SPL17112A SPL17124A SPL22080A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49520 / GO Handle: SPL49521 / HI P.D.: SPL49522 / HI Ramp: SPL49523 / HI Handle: SPL49524
#10-32 Plug SPL17155A SPL17150A SPL17163A SPL22088A SPL49538
Bottom SPL17161A SPL17152A SPL17164A SPL22085A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49530 GO Handle: SPL49531 / HI P.D.: SPL49532 / HI Ramp: SPL49533 / HI Handle: SPL49534
#12-24 Plug SPL17185A SPL17200A SPL17203A SPL22093A SPL49548
Bottom SPL17191A SPL17202A SPL17204A SPL22090A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49540 / GO Handle: SPL49541 / HI P.D.: SPL49542 / HI Ramp: SPL49543 / HI Handle: SPL49544
#12-28 Plug SPL17236A SPL17230A SPL17243A SPL22098A SPL49558
Bottom SPL17241A SPL17232A SPL17244A SPL22095A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49550 / GO Handle: SPL49551 / HI P.D.: SPL49552 / HI Ramp: SPL49553 / HI Handle: SPL49554



Thread Size Chamfer Multi-Purpose T-10 Straight Flute Cold Forming High Performance Gage Set
1/4-20 Plug SPL17270A SPL17260A SPL17283A SPL22103A SPL49568
Bottom SPL17281A SPL17262A SPL17284A SPL22100A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49560 / GO Handle: SPL49561 / HI P.D.: SPL49562 / HI Ramp: SPL49563 / HI Handle: SPL49564
1/4-28 Plug SPL17310A SPL17300A SPL17323A SPL22108A SPL49578
Bottom SPL17321A SPL17302A SPL17324A SPL22105A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49570 / GO Handle: SPL49571 / HI P.D.: SPL49572 / HI Ramp: SPL49573 / HI Handle: SPL49574
5/16-18 Plug SPL17350A SPL17340A SPL17363A SPL22113A SPL49588
Bottom SPL17361A SPL17342A SPL17364A SPL22110A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49580 / GO Handle: SPL49581 / HI P.D.: SPL49582 / HI Ramp: SPL49583 / HI Handle: SPL49584
5/16-24 Plug SPL17380A SPL17396A SPL17403A SPL22118A SPL49598
Bottom SPL17391A SPL17398A SPL17404A SPL22115A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49590 / GO Handle: SPL49591 / HI P.D.: SPL49592 / HI Ramp: SPL49593 / HI Handle: SPL49594
3/8-16 Plug SPL17430A SPL17420A SPL17443A SPL22123A SPL49608
Bottom SPL17438A SPL17422A SPL17444A SPL22120A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49600 / GO Handle: SPL49601 / HI P.D.: SPL49602 / HI Ramp: SPL49603 / HI Handle: SPL49604
3/8-24 Plug SPL17470A SPL17455A SPL17483A SPL22128A SPL49618
Bottom SPL17478A SPL17457A SPL17484A SPL22125A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49610 / GO Handle: SPL49611 / HI P.D.: SPL49612 / HI Ramp: SPL49613 / HI Handle: SPL49614
7/16-14 Plug SPL17510A SPL17495A SPL17523A SPL22133A SPL49628
Bottom SPL17518A SPL17497A SPL17524A SPL22130A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49620 / GO Handle: SPL49621 / HI P.D.: SPL49622 / HI Ramp: SPL49623 / HI Handle: SPL49624
7/16-20 Plug SPL17550A SPL17535A SPL17563A SPL22138A SPL49638
Bottom SPL17558A SPL17537A SPL17564A SPL22135A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49630 / GO Handle: SPL49631 / HI P.D.: SPL49632 / HI Ramp: SPL49633 / HI Handle: SPL49634
1/2-13 Plug SPL17590A SPL17575A SPL17603A SPL22143A SPL49648
Bottom SPL17598A SPL17577A SPL17604A SPL22140A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49640 / GO Handle: SPL49641 / HI P.D.: SPL49642 / HI Ramp: SPL49643 / HI Handle: SPL49644
1/2-20 Plug SPL17630A SPL17615A SPL17643A SPL22148A SPL49658
Bottom SPL17638A SPL17617A SPL17644A SPL22145A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49650 / GO Handle: SPL49651 / HI P.D.: SPL49652 / HI Ramp: SPL49653 / HI Handle: SPL49654
9/16-12 Plug SPL17665A SPL17655A SPL17673A SPL22153A SPL49668
Bottom SPL17670A SPL17657A SPL17674A SPL22150A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49660 / GO Handle: SPL49661 / HI P.D.: SPL49662 / HI Ramp: SPL49663 / HI Handle: SPL49664
9/16-18 Plug SPL17695A SPL17685A SPL17703A SPL22158A SPL49678
Bottom SPL17700A SPL17687A SPL17704A SPL22155A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49670 / GO Handle: SPL49671 / HI P.D.: SPL49672 / HI Ramp: SPL49673 / HI Handle: SPL49674
5/8-11 Plug SPL17725A SPL17715A SPL17733A SPL22163A SPL49688
Bottom SPL17730A SPL17717A SPL17734A SPL22160A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49680 / GO Handle: SPL49681 / HI P.D.: SPL49682 / HI Ramp: SPL49683 / HI Handle: SPL49684
5/8-18 Plug SPL17755A SPL17745A SPL17763A SPL22168A SPL49698
Bottom SPL17760A SPL17747A SPL17764A SPL22165A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49690 / GO Handle: SPL49691 / HI P.D.: SPL49692 / HI Ramp: SPL49693 / HI Handle: SPL49694
3/4-10 Plug SPL17785A SPL17775A SPL17793A SPL22173A SPL49708
Bottom SPL17790A SPL17777A SPL17794A SPL22170A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49700 / GO Handle: SPL49701 / HI P.D.: SPL49702 / HI Ramp: SPL49703 / HI Handle: SPL49704
3/4-16 Plug SPL17815A SPL17805A SPL17823A SPL22178A SPL49718
Bottom SPL17820A SPL17807A SPL17824A SPL22175A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49710 / GO Handle: SPL49711 / HI P.D.: SPL49712 / HI Ramp: SPL49713 / HI Handle: SPL49714
7/8-9 Plug SPL17825A SPL17835A SPL17853A SPL22183A SPL49728
Bottom SPL17827A SPL17837A SPL17854A SPL22180A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49720 / GO Handle: SPL49721 / HI P.D.: SPL49722 / HI Ramp: SPL49723 / HI Handle: SPL49724
7/8-14 Plug SPL17855A SPL17865A SPL17883A SPL22188A SPL49738
Bottom SPL17857A SPL17867A SPL17884A SPL22185A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49730 / GO Handle: SPL49731 / HI P.D.: SPL49732 / HI Ramp: SPL49733 / HI Handle: SPL49734
1-8 Plug SPL17885A SPL17893A SPL22193A SPL49748
Bottom SPL17887A SPL17894A SPL22190A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49740 / GO Handle: SPL49741 / HI P.D.: SPL49742 / HI Ramp: SPL49743 / HI Handle: SPL49744
1-12 Plug SPL17895A SPL17903A SPL22198A SPL49758
Bottom SPL17897A SPL17904A SPL22195A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49750 / GO Handle: SPL49751 / HI P.D.: SPL49752 / HI Ramp: SPL49753 / HI Handle: SPL49754
1-14 Plug SPL17905A SPL17913A SPL22203A SPL49768
Bottom SPL17907A SPL17914A SPL22200A
Gage Members GO Plug: SPL49760 / GO Handle: SPL49761 / HI P.D.: SPL49762 / HI Ramp: SPL49763 / HI Handle: SPL49764

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