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Europe's one-stop shop for the blind rivet distributor market, offering a broad range of blind rivets, blind rivet nuts, and bolts.

Europe’s Blind Riveting Brand

MasterFix® is the leading brand used in the field of service and repair in small- to medium-sized industries. Currently available only in Europe and Canada.

Masterfix Blind Rivet

At MasterFix®, we owe our excellent reputation to our successful distribution of the broadest range of high-quality blind rivets, blind rivet nuts, and bolts in the business against competitive prices on a market-leading service level. The same goes for our line of accompanying hand and power tools.

The Masterfix brand is available throughout Europe with direct sales representation in Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, The Nordics and The United Kingdom. At our warehouse, we keep large stocks of our fasteners and tools and many of our main distributors worldwide keep large stocks, as well.

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