ProWeld® 卓上溶接機は、CD スタッド、頭付きアンカー、またはその中間を使用して板金を溶接するのに最適です。

Fast Facts:

  • Compatible with ProWeldTM and Nelson® stud welders
  • Includes pnuematic slide and valves for controlling the weld gun motion
  • Programmable microcontroller automates the welding sequence
  • Great for CD*, Short Cycle, and Drawn Arc weld processes
  • Modular aluminum structural framing allows infinite adjustability
  • Table top design for tool mounting and positioning parts (tooling not included)
  • Can be setup for gas welding; includes an internal valve & timing device
  • Additional air-timed output that can be used for an air clamp
  • *CD unit does not include legs or pnuematic slide
  • Dimensions: 34”h x 26”w x 24.5”d
  • Weight: 300 lbs

Note: Not available in Europe


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