Tucker® equipment for joining systems combines two technologies in one modular system: Self-piercing rivets with semi-hollow rivet and punch rivet.

These techniques are used to join materials which cannot be welded easily, including aluminum-aluminum, aluminum-steel, and high-tensil steel.

Selection of the joining technology is determined by the customer's requirements. Semi-hollow rivets offer the highest stability of joints; punch rivets are suitable for riveting in line-of-sight.

Each application is specified by STANLEY® Engineered Fastening when utilizing mechanical joining technology. The materials to be joined and the required stability determine the selection of joining element, die, and design of gripper.

The facility can be operated via the robot, stationary, and manually. This type of system configuration comprises several components:

  • ERC control
  • ERF feed
  • ERT gripper


Optional tool changer systems or rivet dividers can be implemented.

Fast Facts:

  • Electrically driven
  • Low maintenance requirements - no leakage
  • Independent of temperature and compressive media
  • Only electric connecting leads for controls and setting unit
  • Compensated setting process
  • Force path diagram online
  • Measurement of sheet thicknesses, rivet length, and remaining base
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise level
  • High availability >99%.

About Tucker SPR Software:

In modern industrial environments it is not enough to known your own processes. It is important that you can make the process available to your customers. STANLEY Engineered Fastening also offers a wide variety of software solutions for its range of hardware systems. The software is available as standard packages or can be customised to suit individual customers' needs. The software range from STANLEY Engineered Fastening offers:

  • Ethernet-based server/client networking software
  • Software for up/download functions of process programs and process parameters
  • Diagnostic tools for operators and maintenance engineers




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