Pushtite® screw combines a unique tri-lobular body with a barbed thread profile to provide toolless installation – fasteners are simply pressed into place. The design allows displaced air to escape during insertion to prevent pneumatic failure of the boss.

The unique thread profile of Pushtite® fasteners virtually eliminates strip-out during initial assembly and provides high pull-out strength. Screws can be removed and reinserted if necessary, which also allows for greater serviceability.


  • 逆目形状のねじ山
  • 三円形のボディでボスへの応力を最小限に抑える
  • 締め付け破壊を排除
  • 引き抜き耐性がある
  • 組立をスピードアップ
  • 保守性の向上
  • 連動式にすることができ、コスト削減が可能




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