FASTITE 2000® fasteners feature the Radius Profile Thread™ with twin-lead helix angle. This mating thread system engages diametrically opposed threads, providing low thread-forming torque with a high resistance to failure. You’ll find that the head seats squarely compared to the off-axis tendency of sheet metal screws.

This exclusive thread-forming design is created to deliver cost-effective and optimum joint performance in sheet metal applications as thin as 0.7mm (.028 in.).

Many of the design innovations employed in FASTITE 2000® fasteners are also found in our Taptite 2000® high-performance thread-rolling fasteners.


iForm® Fastite 2000 Screws

Fast Facts:

  • Maintains full thread major diameter close to bearing surface
  • Undercut head absorbs material extruded by the screw
  • Increases underhead contact area to enhance thread engagement and resist stripping
  • Radius Profile Thread™ with twin-lead helix angle
  • Blunt CA point allows entry into small holes
  • Create self-extrusion of the sheet metal and increases resistance to stripping
  • TRILOBULAR® body provides resistance to vibration loosening


  • Thread Style: Radius Profile Thread™ with twin-lead helix angle
  • Head Styles: Hex flange undercut head
  • Drive Systems: All styles available; TORX PLUS® Drive System recommended
  • Point Style: Blunt CA point
  • Materials: Low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel
  • Finishes: Will accept all typical fastener finishes

Disclaimer: FASTITE 2000®, Taptite 2000®, TRILOBULAR® are registered trademark of Research Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. and TORX PLUS® is registered trademark of Acument Intellectual Properties.




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