Pierce and fasten in one operation without sacrificing joint quality. With Fastriv, piercing and joining take place at one time, so pre-drilled holes, hole preparation, and hole alignment are eliminated resulting in higher productivity and more cost-effective assembly.

Fastriv is an excellent fastener for joining dissimilar materials, pre-coated sheets, or layered materials. This makes it an efficient fastening solution over methods such as spot welding, bolting, adhesive bonding, clinching, or blind riveting.

Unlike welding, Fastriv self-piercing rivets do not create a heat zone in the materials during installation, so damage to application materials are minimized. Additionally, unlike other methods, the installation process is clean, quiet, and operator friendly.

A wide variety of installation tooling – from hand-operated systems to automated assembly lines - is available to place Fastriv fasteners. Each can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your assembly line and decrease your installed costs.

Fastriv systems provide a very efficient working process, reducing assembly times to a minimum. They are especially cost-effective for medium- and large-volume production.

Fast Facts:

  • Join dissimilar materials, pre-coated sheets, or layered materials.
  • Pierce and fasten in one operation, eliminating need for insertion holes and alignment.
  • No heat affected zone created in assembly process.
  • Provides consistent, high joint strength, comparable to spot welds and other mechanical fastening methods.
  • Clean assembly process generating no fumes, sparks, or swarf.
  • Self-sealing rivet radially expands into material, without breaking through substrate.
  • Process load monitoring can be incorporated into installation tooling system to track and notify operator of variances in joint.
  • Installation systems are adapted to specific production processes – from hand-operated systems to automated assembly lines.
  • Available as a customized design to meet your unique assembly requirements.
  • Assembly applications include automotive space frames, automotive subassemblies, car seats, instrument panels, air cargo equipment, domestic appliances, construction components, and ladders.


  • Sizes: 3.2 mm, 3.9 mm, 4.8 mm
  • Materials: Steel, zinc plated & stainless steel
  • Headforms: Dome, countersunk and tinman
  • Poke style: Chamfered and square

Please note optimal performance is dependent on material thickness and hardness. Testing is required to determine proper rivet selection and die configuration as well as tooling for specific applications. Please contact an Avdel® application engineer for assistance.

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