Our metric- and fractional-size Stainless Steel Hex Flange Nuts are made of Grade 316 austenitic stainless steel with exceptional corrosion resistance in many aggressive environments.

Spiralock® Stainless Steel Hex Flange Nuts accept standard male fasteners and bring multiple benefits to assembly applications. These nuts eliminate the need for other locking devices, minimize galling, and offer a substantial reduction in the potential for fatigue failure compared to standard threads.

Spiralock® Stainless Steel Hex Flange Nuts are compatible with standard 4g6g, 6g, and MJ class of fit bolts.

Spiralock® nuts conform dimensionally to ISO and ANSI standards.

Fast Facts:

  • Stainless steel provides exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • Features the Spiralock® proprietary wedge ramp female thread.
  • Offers improved integrity and reliability of threaded joints.
  • Self-locking thread technology eliminates need for other locking devices.
  • Available in a wide range of metric sizes.
  • Available in standard and made-to-order styles.

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