High strength, vibration resistant, and eco-friendly, the NeoBolt® non-breakstem lockbolt fastening system is designed for use in heavy-duty structural applications. This unique two-piece fastener design features locking grooves for strength and vibration resistance.

Unlike traditional lockbolt fasteners, there is no pin break so there is reduced noise, no metal waste, no installation shock, no risk of pintails being dropped into the application or work area, and no corrosion at a pin-break surface. With no shock loads, tool life is extended and operator fatigue is reduced. Additionally, the Helical “fit- up” feature allows rapid pre-assembly of collar on pin.

NeoBolt® creates a maintenance-free hold, with no torque or re-torque required.

Assembly applications where NeoBolt® fasteners are found include railway, truck & trailer, commercial vehicles, solar & wind energy, bridge building, mining equipment, screening equipment, fencing and security screens, construction, overland infrastructure, and power and utility services.

Available in many diameters and lengths, NeoBolt® lockbolts can be placed with a range of installation tools featuring fastener-specific nose assemblies.

Fast Facts:

  • No pin break
  • No metal waste
  • Avoids corrosion at stem break point (vs. traditional lockbolts)
  • Reduced pin size and weight for lower warehousing and shipping cost
  • Locking groves for superior vibration resistance (vs. traditional lockbolts)
  • Helical “fitup” form allows rapid pre-assembly of collar on pin
  • No need to support the pin during the placing operation
  • Ideal for upside-down installation
  • Radial bar indicators on flange for quick visual swage inspection upon placing
  • Fast, non-operator reliant installation for improved productivity
avdel neobolt size chart 



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