Designed for use in heavy-duty fastening applications such as construction, container, railway, mining, and bridge building. The Avbolt® heavy-duty fastener is a structural blind fastener with high strength and tamper resistance.

Our Avbolt® line offers high tensile and shear strength, which is normally only possible with non-blind lockbolts, and adds in the versatility of single-sided installation. It is ideal for areas with restricted access.

The Avbolt® fastener is simple to use, with fast, positive single-sided installation, requiring minimal operator skill. The locking feature creates a vibration-resistant joint and prevents loosening stems.

Fast Facts:

  • Use on blind-sided application.
  • High tensile and shear strength.
  • Speed of installation.
  • Vibration resistance.
  • High grip capability.
  • Tamper resistant.
  • Ideal for areas with restricted access.
  • Used in assembly applications such as ship building, railway, automotive assembly including car seats, other ground transportation, mining equipment, and construction.


  • Sizes: 4.8 mm, 6.4 mm, 8.0 mm, 10 mm, 12.7 mm and 1 6mm (3/16", 1/4'', 1/2", 5/16", 3/8" and 5/8")
  • Materials Stem: Alloy steel, black oxide
  • Materials Sleeve and collar: Carbon steel, zinc plated + clear passivated
  • Collar: Flanged (only on 3/8'', 1/2" & 5/8'' (three piece) diameters)
Avbolt® - Series
Material Type Series
Steel 2 piece design Avbolt® 21021
Steel 3 piece design Avbolt® 21001

*Flanged collar only on 3/8'', 1/2" & 5/8'' (three piece) diameters.

Details can be found in the Lockbolt Systems Catalog available in our Document Library.

Surface finish options
If you are looking for other surface finish options than shown in the above datasheets, please download our

> Surface Finishes and Fastener Matrix for Lockbolt Systems

This will show you what surface finish options are possible to apply to our standard fastener types as "customer specials".

Customized Designs
We can design and manufacture lockbolts with a wide variety of forms and finishes to meet your unique assembly requirements. Please refer to this page to find examples of our customized capabilities:

> Lockbolts - Customized Designs

Installation Equipment
Lockbolt Installation Equipment can be found at the following page

> Lockbolt Installation Equipment

Removal Procedure

Recommended Removal Procedure for Avdel® Avbolt fasteners

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