Heli-Coil® Tangless Wire Inserts

Wire Threaded Inserts

Wire thread inserts are helically coiled fastening devices that provide permanent, wear-resistant screw threads that exceed the strength of most parent material; the inserts are designed provide vibration protection against the loosening of screws and bolts, and protect tapped holes against failures.

Dodge® Taper Tuff Inserts

Heat/Ultrasonic Installation for Plastics

When using plastics, inserts are designed to provide the high-performance strength values of molded-in inserts, while retaining all of the economical advantages of inserts installed after molding.

Dodge® Ultra Mold

Mold-in Installation

While the trend is to install inserts into Thermoplastics by post mold, some highly filled plastics (above 35% glass fill) will benefit from a mold-in insert design. 

Dodge® Compression Limiters

Compression Limiters

Compression limiters are designed for applications where the tightening load of the bolt or screw will compress, crack, or otherwise damage the plastic component.

Dodge® Self-threading Inserts

Self-Tapping/Self-Threading Installation

Self-threading inserts are brass inserts having both an external and internal thread and two slots which provide cutting edges much the same as a tap.

Avel® Eurosert

Press-fit Installation Inserts

The process of press-fitting allows inserts to be installed without the use of heat or ultrasonics. They are press-fit into a drilled or molded hole after the molding process has been completed.

POP® Well-Nut®

Expansion Inserts

Expansion inserts are two-piece units consisting of a threaded insert and a captivated spreader plate. When the spreader plate is depressed, the knurled portion of the insert expands and anchors the insert in the hole.

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