This optional suspension kit attaches to the Genesis® breakstem installation tool range, enabling tools to be mounted for vertical down riveting in a fixed station environment.

The suspension kit allows most models in the Avdel® Genesis® line to be suspended, lifting weight off the operator to increase comfort and reduce fatigue. The suspension kit also eliminates the need to repeatedly pick the tool up and place it down.

The included remote stem collection feature holds stems away from the unit in a large container. This feature reduces downtime since emptying the collection unit is a quick and infrequent task.

Fast Facts:

  • A complete kit to enable tool suspension.
  • Removes weight from the operators to ease fatigue.
  • Prevents loss of time picking up and putting the tool down.
  • Remote stem extraction lowers downtime.
  • Easy removal of waste stems.
  • Stem collection 2.5 meters away from tool.
  • Comes equipped with a remote stem extraction kit.
  • Can be easily fitted by following included instructions.
  • For use with nG2, G2, nG3, G3, nG4, and G4 tools.

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