Reach higher torques with the comfort of a pistol style tool.

Maximize Productivity: Provides traceability and error proofing for high torque threaded fasteners in an ergonomic pistol format from a practical tightening capacity of 32 to 680 NM (23 ft/lbs > 500 ft/lbs), Recommended 32 to 544 NM (23 ft/lbs >  400 ft/lbs.)

Saves tightening data (30K traces/ controller) locally and provides access through MES integration into the plant network.

Easy to Use, Easy to Program: This high torque tool in a pistol format is easily programmed from the STANLEY QBE Expert Controller using the simple Alpha Toolbox (aTB) platform.

Fast Facts:

  • Tightens safety-critical threaded fasteners
  • Ideal for joining flanges together
  • The swingbar option allows the gearcase to rotate for ease of reaction bar positioning, and locks when motor is engaged
  • Pass or fail indicators
  • Splined gearcase for reaction bar mounting
  • Transducerized accuracy and precision
  • No software licensing needed
  • Compatible with all QBE series controllers
  • Local distribution and service partners
  • Installation support
  • Faster delivery lead-time (Made and Assembled in the USA)

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