This vertical riveting tool for blind threaded inserts has been specifically designed for vertical down applications.

The HTI 500 is a hydraulically operated tool for smooth and reliable installation of threaded inserts to provide load bearing threads in thin sheet materials. The pneumatic control and the pneumatic hydraulic pressure intensifier are installed in a separate switchbox. The trigger is integrated in the ergonomic handhold at the equipment barrel. The left hand motion for reversing of the drive screw can be operated separately by an additional switch.

Fast Facts:

  • Riveting tool for blind threaded inserts.
  • Smooth and reliable insertion.
  • Simple positioning of the rivet equipment.
  • Quick and easy equipment handling.
  • Ergonomic handling for vertical processing positions.
  • Optional mounting on a pantograph arm available.


  • Stroke: Up to 10 mm
  • Pull Force: 18 kN at 6.0 bar
  • Operating Pressure: 6.0 bar
  • Air Consumption: 5.7 l free air/ set at 5.5 bar
  • Hose Length: 3.0 m
  • Placing Capability: Threaded Inserts M3 to M10

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