Heli-Coil® manufactures various designs of hand installation tools.

Generally, finer pitch inserts are proportionately larger in the free state than coarse-pitch inserts and therefore have to be “pre-wound” to a smaller diameter for installation.

Large coarse-pitch inserts (and 2-56, 3-48, and M2.2 inserts) need only a threaded mandrel tool for installation.

Fast Facts about Heli-Coil® Hand Tools:

  • Available to install tanged inserts for production runs, prototype work, salvage, repair, and hand inserting tools
  • Dimensioned to aid determination of accessibility to the tapped hole
  • Features a threaded mandrel which engages the insert and provides a positive lead to guide the insert into the tapped hole easily and quickly
  • All Heli-Coil® toolings are backed by our extensive expertise and experience in virtually any application
  • All tools are fully warranteed

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