STANLEY® Assembly Technologies designs and builds fixtures that integrate one or more nutrunners or electronic assembly tools into single rotating solutions. These single and multi-spindle systems are best matched to the unique assembly needs of the application. Our team of experienced engineers design solutions that meet the customer application requirements with turnkey systems to components and support.

Fast Facts:
  • Synchronized tightening strategies for multi-spindle applications
  • Automated and semi-automated tool handling to reduce labor and improve productivity
  • Error proofing systems that ensures assembly traceability and quality
  • Data collection and interfaces for plant control systems
  • Multi-step and sequenced rundowns using specialized fastening control strategies
  • Ergonomic solutions to reduce worker fatigue and strain and improve productivity
  • Reduced set-up, fastening, rework and maintenance times improving output and consistency

Some examples of Single- or Multi-Spindle Systems are:

  • Engine Mount System – Single and multi-spindle systems to secure engine mounts
  • Wheel Lug System – Multi-spindle system to secure wheel lug nuts
  • U-Bolt System – Multi-spindle systems on linear slides to provide the various bolt center positions and tightening
  • Hub Nut System – Spindle assembly to secure hub nuts
  • Trunnion Mount Style System – Secures the fasteners in randomly oriented bolt circle
  • Bolt-Holding System – Hold the bolt stationary while securing the nut
  • Fly-Wheel Indexer – Secures the torque converter to the flywheel

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The availability of the products described on this site, and the product descriptions, may vary from country to country. Consult your STANLEY® Engineered Fastening Account Executive or your local distributor for specific product information.