Engineered systems capabilities include custom design-and-build services, joint analysis, total project management, installation, start-up services, and technical support. STANLEY® engineers are experts in evaluating your needs and converting them into solutions that improve the productivity, ergonomics, and quality of your manufacturing operations.

Armed with the know-how to anticipate and prevent potential problems, STANLEY® designs systems you can rely on to deliver the performance and reliability you demand.


STANLEY® Assembly Technologies can design custom-tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of:

  • Your application
  • Your site
  • Your company’s design standards and specifications

System optimization reduces cycle times: 

  • Synchronous tightening strategies enable simultaneous assembly using multiple spindle configurations
  • Automated and semi-automated tool handling reduces labor
  • Faster tools reduce rundown time
  • System design optimizes operator motion

Increase and verify assembly quality: 

  • Error-proofing ensures complete assembly
  • Data collection and interface with plant control systems
  • Multi-step and sequenced rundowns use specialized fastening control strategies
  • Barcoding enables traceability

Torque reaction design expertise:

  • Ergonomic solutions improve worker productivity at reduced strain levels
  • High-torque applications (up to 5,000Nm)
New Wheelnut Multiples

Speed the assembly of two or more bolts typical of motor vehicle and other wheel assemblies. The operator positions the multiple in an assembly station with the aid of a balancer and overhead rail system. Units can have movable bolt centers to easily change between product types. Multiples can have spindles with different fastener sizes and torque levels.

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The availability of the products described on this site, and the product descriptions, may vary from country to country. Consult your STANLEY® Engineered Fastening Account Executive or your local distributor for specific product information.