Spiralock® Tap WedgeSpiralock® taps are furnished with ramp angles as shown here. This is referred to as style "BT" for bottom tapping. When tapping from the opposite end of a through hole, you must specify Spiralock style "TT" (top tapping), which has the ramp angle facing the opposite direction.

Designed for a wide variety of low-hardness materials that generate long chips. The spiral point pushes chips ahead of the tap in a through hole, while the spiral flute design provides good chip removal from a blind hole. Necked blanks allow better access for lubrication. These taps can be used for hand tapping.

Fast Facts:

  • High speed steel
  • TiN coating
  • Replaces general purpose taps; can be used for hand tapping
  • Plug chamfer uses spiral point design
  • Bottom chamfer uses a spiral flute design (sizes larger than #3 or M2.5)

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