Spiralock® Tap WedgeSpiralock® taps are furnished with ramp angles as shown here. This is referred to as style "BT" for bottom tapping. When tapping from the opposite end of a through hole, you must specify Spiralock® style "TT" (top tapping), which has the ramp angle facing the opposite direction.

Cold forming taps produce a thread by deforming material instead of removing it. The starting minor diameter is larger and must be held to a tighter tolerance than with standard taps to ensure the threads fill out properly. Forming taps are suitable for all ductile materials with an elongation value above 10%, such as aluminum, brass, copper, and mild steels. Lubrication with cutting oil is preferred.

Fast Facts:

  • Powdered metallurgy grade of high-speed steel
  • Material flows without generating chips and makes threads stronger
  • Lower risk of breakage, particularly in small diameters
  • Plug and bottom chamfer
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