When interfacing with an instrumented DC tool, the software you use is of the utmost importance. IT concerns of non-necessary and disruptive software installed on a system often pose problems for the engineer wanting to gather data or simply make a programming change without going to the line. STANLEY® Assembly Technologies has solved this problem with the Alpha Tool Box software for the Alpha series of controllers. Simply point to the IP address of the controller from any internet browser and the built-in software in the controller will be displayed. No license fees, no software to install, no hassle from the IT department.

Alpha Toolbox, included in every QB Alpha, is used to program strategies, collect fastening cycle and trace data, and perform online diagnostics of the tool and controller. 

QB Alpha controllers include a dedicated Alpha Toolbox port, ATC, assignable 24V DC I/O, a 24V DC mating connector, plinth, and a power cord. The Basic and Standard have the typical polychrome LCD display while the Advanced and Expert have larger color displays with the Expert having the added feature of a touch screen. 

All controllers have an Ingress Protection rating of 54 (IP 54). 

Onboard Diagnostics and their screens provide all the data required for hardware, software, and fastening cycle analysis.

For more information, please read more about QBE Control Strategies.

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