For riveting where you've never riveted before – POP® Specialty Heads help you work in tight quarters, corner configurations, or difficult offset applications.

These unique tool accessories are specialty corner heads that quickly and easily modify POP® power tools for use in applications where standard tools will not fit. They allow perpendicular positioning of the rivet for proper setting, every time.

Fast Facts:

  • Special front-end assemblies for tricky access riveting jobs.
  • PRH830 Corner Head style offers a very compact 90-degree corner head.
  • PRH840 Corner Head style offers a robust 90-degree corner head.
  • PRH850 Corner Head style offers a heavy-duty 90-degree corner head.
Setting Head Adapter Kits
Description ProSet®1600 ProSet®2500 ProSet®3400 510A 540
PRH830 Not Available PRH830-2500 - PRA967 PRA965
PRH840 Not Available PRH840-2500 PRH840-3400 PRH840-510 PRH840-540
PRH850 Not Available - PRH850-3400 - PRH850-540

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