Stanley’s skilled service and support team work directly with customers and partners with a network of certified distributor partners in all global areas. These service and support engineers are fully qualified to analyze end-user applications and propose the ideal selection of assembly tooling. Our customers benefit in the following ways:

  • Tool and application assistance by factory-trained, experienced service and support engineers
  • Service and support located strategically throughout the world
  • Knowledge and expertise for your specific application needs
  • Identification or development of the solution to optimize performance and the life of the tool to your application
  • Repair Services need to be fast and reliable – the Stanley team provides access to quality and efficient repair services and partners globally.
    • As close to your location as we can, repair services from Stanley and our partners are designed to be quick and reliable.
    • Stanley and our certified repair centers use genuine Stanley spare parts. Using non-Stanley repair service and / or parts increases the risk of process failures and eliminates warranty
    • Stanley and Stanley certified partner repair services are provided with a warranty.

  • Preventive Maintenance  Services increase uptime and decrease breakdowns.
    • Reduces the production stops
    • On-site support and service help identify needs specific to your application
    • Avoid high maintenance repair or replacement costs
    • Extend the life of your tool 

  • Calibration Services for Stanley Assembly Technologies precision threaded fastening tools provide traceable tightening results.
    • Reduce rework with calibrated precision tools to tighten critical, often safety-sensitive fasteners.
    • Properly calibrated tools are traceable to a national standard and ISO requirements
    • Providing validation of fastening results and reduce incorrect data
 STANLEY® Engineered Fastening's Repair and Maintenance Services