Agricultural Equipment
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Tractor attachments

Spiralock® hex flange nuts are used to securely fasten engine and transmission components, as well as well as cab-to-platform mounts.

Spiralock® Spiralock nuts

Radiators for large off-road equipment

Spiralock® nuts attach bottom and top tanks to radiator core, as well as radiator to frame of generator set for large off-road equipment.

Spiralock® Spiralock nuts

Mounting brackets on construction equipment

Spiralock® hex flange nuts attach wheel motor to frame, engine cover bumpers to engine, exhaust system to frame, muffler to exhaust pipe, grill to frame, shrouds to body and valves to frame.

Spiralock® Spiralock nuts
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Aircraft Engine Components

Spiralock® nuts prevent vibration loosening of threaded joints throughout the aircraft engine.

Spiralock® 12 Point Nuts, Hex Flange Nuts & Taps
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Missile Casing

Spiralock® tapped holes secure the threaded connections throughout the missile casing.

Spiralock® Taps & Nuts

Frame Cross Members

Spiralock® nuts attach cross members to frame on military vehicles, preventing thread loosening of bolted joints subjected to heavy vibration on rough terrain.

Spiralock® SPL Nuts

Armor Plate Mounting

Spiralock® nuts keep the armor plate securely fastened to the cab of a military vehicle, allowing repeated reusability of fasteners without the loss of locking ability, which is crucial during frequent mounting and disassembly of the armor plate to the truck cab.

Spiralock® SPL Nuts
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Aluminum Frame for Satellite Housing

Spiralock® wire thread inserts keep the aluminum frame for satellite housing securely fastened to prevent vibration loosening issues.

Spiralock® Wire Thread Inserts

Avionics Housing

Spiralock® locking feature is a critical application for the avionics assembly and housing component parts for electronic instrumentation.

Spiralock® Taps & Wire Thread Inserts
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Trailer Hitch Attachment

Spiralock® nuts keep the trailer hitch ball securely fastened and the hitch attached to the back of the car to prevent loosening under vibration.

Spiralock® Spiralock nuts
Commercial Truck
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Engine Connections

Spiralock® nuts prevent vibration loosening in the high-heat environment of diesel and internal combustion engines, holding together various connections that include turbo mounts, manifold mounts, fuel injectors, oil pan assembly, combustion head assembly, engine coil, valve covers, fan mounts, and various mounting brackets.

Spiralock® Spiralock Nuts

V-Band Clamps

Spiralock® V-band clamp nut tightly secures the diesel particulate-filter assembly and also prevents the leakage in the turbocharger assembly.

Spiralock® Spiralock Nuts

Truck Transmission Housing

Spiralock® threaded holes prevent vibration loosening problems in aluminum transmission housing.

Spiralock® Spiralock Nuts

Truck Suspension

Spiralock® nuts hold air springs to platform of the suspension.

Spiralock® Spiralock Nuts
Construction Equipment
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Construction Equipment Parts

Self-locking metric hex flange nuts attach the auger to the axle on the road-paving equipment

Spiralock® Spiralock Nuts
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Power generator sets

Spiralock® hex flange nuts provide securing locking of tank to generator connection, radiator to frame, and generator to trailer mount.

Spiralock® Spiralock nuts

Mining equipment

Spiralock® threaded holes are used to secure fastening of cutter head of coal-cutting machinery.

Spiralock® Spiralock taps

Down-hole drilling equipment

Spiralock® threads attach couplings and seals and various threaded connections on down-hole drilling equipment for oil exploration.

Spiralock® Spiralock taps

Solar Panels

Spiralock® hex flange nuts are used to secure panel assemblies to prevent shifting at undesignated times.

Spiralock® Spiralock nuts
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MRI Equipment

Spiralock® nuts are used on connectors and filters of MRI equipment.

Spiralock® Spiralock nuts
Exterior Trim
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Bumper Assembly

Spiralock® nuts attach sections of the bumper to keep the integrity of the bumper intact and prevent threaded joints from coming loose.

Spiralock® Spiralock nuts
Lawn and Garden
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Spiralock® threads securely attach multiple connections: mower blade, motor to frame mounting and mower deck to frame.

Spiralock® Spiralock taps
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Spinal Implant

Spiralock® nut attaches bone plate to the bone screw in a spinal implant to keep it securely locked.

Spiralock® Spiralock nuts

Knee Implant

A standard titanium screw attaches to a Spiralock® tapped hole in the modular tibial stem to integrate the tray, polyethylene, and stem into a single unit.

Spiralock® Spiralock Nuts

Dental Implant

Spiralock® threaded holes in the abutment prevent thread loosening in a dental implant.

Spiralock® Spiralock Taps

Artificial Elbow Joint

Set screw is tightened in a Spiralock® milled interrupted thread made of cobalt chrome against a long titanium stem designed for 3-point fixation to lock the correct position securely.

Spiralock® Spiralock Thread Milling Cutters
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Drive Axles

Spiralock® threads boost reliability, performance, and assembly effectiveness in ring gear mounting holes, output flange and shaft, axle covers, and end caps of the drive axles. Key benefits of Spiralock® design in these applications are repeated reusability, excellent resistance to vibration, and weight reduction.

Spiralock® Spiralock taps

Battery Pack Shell Assembly

Spiralock® hex flange nuts clamp together two halves of the battery pack to keep the battery shell securely fastened.

Spiralock® Spiralock nuts
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Pump Housing & Impeller Shaft

Nuts and taps provide secure fastening for pump housing and impeller shaft.

Spiralock® Fasteners and Tools
Satellite & Spacecraft
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Electronic Server Rack

Spiralock® stainless steel hex flange nuts keep the threaded joints tight on server racks for the aircraft electronics to ensure uninterrupted communication.

Spiralock® Stainless Hex Flange Nuts

Satellite Antenna Systems

Spiralock® threaded holes secure the base assembly for satellite antenna systems.

Spiralock® Taps, Threaded Inserts, Nuts & Wire Thread Inserts

Cassini Saturn Orbiter

Spiralock® threaded holes secure vacuum-sealed instruments on gas chromatograph mass spectrometer.

Spiralock® SPL Taps
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Bone Saw

Spiralock® threaded holes prevent vibration loosening in the claw connector inside the bone saw housing.

Spiralock® Spiralock taps