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The Edge is in the WedgeTM

Spiralock® is one of three Optia® anti-vibration technologies. By adding a 30° wedge ramp at the root of the internal thread, Spiralock® has engineered a simple yet effective way to transform a traditional threaded joint into a safer and more reliable element. This remarkable design provides exceptional resistance to vibration loosening, improved joint integrity and consistent, repeated reusability while eliminating the need for secondary locking devices.




To survive the vibration and high temperatures of launch, we require the most reliable locking engagement thread. Screws must remain tight without opportunity for retightening. With conventional threading, screws loosened up and backed out under testing. The Spiralock thread form retained a tight seal at 300° C. Once torqued down properly, the screws stayed put in the threads, which helped us meet our flight schedule.

Dan Harpold NASA Scientist

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