Tucker weld studs with Xmas tree thread

The Xmas tree thread was developed for easy, fast manual assembly of plastic parts. Due to its special shape parts, assembly is possible with low pressing forces. The use of plastic nuts with moulded threads or fastening elements with plastic stud collet are now used throughout the automotive industry in Europe.

Tucker weld studs with metric thread with/without paint cleaning thread

Tucker weld studs with metric thread are used for positioning metal nuts.

Fastening components or ground connection are typical uses. The weld stud can be fitted with a paint clearing thread if required. The paint clearing thread causes a large part of KTL and paint to run down the stud shaft so that the metal nut can be easily positioned during final assembly.

Tucker weld stud with thread without increase

A thread without increase is used for fastening if the element to be mounted will not be removed again.

Tucker weld stud without thread

Tucker SPRs without thread are used primarily as an assembly aid. The accurate fit of the cockpit or rear seat during assembly are one example.

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