Tucker grounding studs

Ground contact with painted cover; this method has been tried and tested millions of times; corrosion is minimized.

Grounding via a reliable ground connection is decisive for the smooth operation of the electric consumer loads. Fixed, secure contact and load capacity over a number of years even at temporarily extremely high Ampere values and corresponding heat generation Tucker ground studs are installed easily, automatically and efficiently as units ready to mount using arc welding . More safety at less cost!

Plastic anti-rotation protection

If there are several ground connections on one stud a plastic anti-rotation protection can be used.

It is as simple as intelligent. A carefully designed plastic part - simply placed on the stud - ensures exact routing without rotation of up to 6 ground cables while ensuring the cable is secured fixed if installed overhead.

Depending on the assembly policy, it can be pre-assembled by the supplier or positioned during final assembly.

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