The Nelweld® line of equipment offers more features, and superior performance, than any other system available! Our microprocessor-based systems are proven to be more reliable and repeatable than conventional solid-state systems. And, because the Nelweld® systems are based on a modular design, customers can select just the right amount of features and benefits that serve their needs. If those needs change in the future, add-on modules can upgrade any system to a higher level of sophistication. AVAILABLE FOR RENT OR PURCHASE.

Nelweld 4000 Fast Facts:

  • Transformer Rating 2400 amps
  • Input Voltage 208-575VAC 50/60 Hz 100/200A
  • Timing Control 20-1500 milliseconds, stepless
  • Regulated Output 300-2100 amps, regulated
  • Available in Europe

Nelweld 6000 Fast Facts:

  • Transformer Rating 7600 amps
  • Input Voltage 208-575VAC 50/60 Hz 100/200A
  • Timing Control 20-2500 milliseconds, stepless
  • Regulated Output 300-2500 amps, regulated
  • Available in Europe

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