Increase blind fastening productivity in high-volume environments.

Avdel® developed the dynamic Autoload feature for our Speed Fastening® system to increase blind fastening productivity by up to 75%. The Autoload system is ideal for high-volume production environments, capable of delivering up to 48 fasteners per minute directly to the nosepiece of the assembly tool.

When the fasteners on one mandrel are spent, the assembly tool automatically inserts a fully loaded replacement into the system – a process that takes six seconds instead of the conventional, manual-load system’s 30 seconds.

The Autoload MK4 can place Briv®, Rivscrew® and Chobert® speed fasteners in many standard sizes, and we have the capability of designing custom-engineered speed fasteners for your specific application.

Fast Facts:

  • High-speed, highly controlled assembly.
  • Modular bowl-fed fasteners for continuous fastening.
  • In-line integration.
  • Diagnostic capability through operator interface.
  • Modular design with simple equipment access for easy maintenance processes.

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