The Mini-MAS is a twin-head hydraulic assembly station built for fast, parallel assembly.  This ergonomic system offers a compact design, making it easy to integrate into existing assembly lines. A compressed air supply is the only power needed for user operation.

An extensive range of POP® Avdel® Speed Fasteners can be placed with the Mini-MAS. The double-head parallel riveting additionally optimizes assembly and increases the quality of the joining. The rivets are presented in pairs and provide practical jig points for components.

Possible linear positioning of one riveting module provides progressive adjustment of the riveting pitch from 29 mm up to 120 mm (close-pitch version 17 mm – 108 mm).

Hydraulic riveting modules provide smooth and shock-free riveting. The placing process is activated by a foot pedal, leaving the hands free for component handling.

Fast Facts:

  • High-speed, highly controlled, double-head parallel riveting assembly.
  • Rivets are presented in pairs and provide practical jig points for components.
  • Hydraulic riveting modules provide smooth, shock-free riveting.
  • Foot pedal operation leaves hands free for component handling.
  • Seated workstation.
  • Standing version available.
  • ESD construction available.


  • Riveting modules: Dual-head (hydraulic)
  • Riveting pitch: 29* - 120 mm (CP version 17 - 108 mm)
  • Air pressure supply: 5.0 - 6.0 bar
  • Height of work top: 780 mm ± 10 (seated work position)
  • Overall dimensions: W 400 mm, D 280 mm, H 1,100 mm
  • Weight (incl. oil): 35 kg
  • Placing range: POP® Avdel® Speed Fasteners ø1.6**- 6.4 mm (respective nose equipment optional)

* Standard nose equipment only

** For fasteners < ø 2.4 mm the air cursor option is recommended

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